Thursday, June 24, 2010

Free Stuff!

Look at all this stuff I got FREE today.  Yep, Free! The Crystal Light Fitness samples came in the mail along with 3 $2.00/1 coupons.  I could have kicked myself, because I left them at home and it's on sale at Jewel for $2.99 a 12 pack.  The Beef Garlic sausage was on sale for $2.99 and I had a $3/1 coupon = Free

The rest of the items are things I may not normally have bought (at least not all at the same time) because we try to avoid pre-packaged snacks and cook from scratch, but I got a very nice coupon booklet from Kraft with 8 coupons for totally free regular size items.  In a week or so, they will email me and ask how I liked them.

Sign up for email alerts at and follow those links.  All I had to do was input my name and address and agree to rate the products. Easy-peasy.

This week is the last week to take advantage of Jewel's Dairy Month Buy 5, Get $5.  Something went wrong and the $5 Catalina didn't print.  I talked (nicely, always nicely) to the customer service rep and she gave me a $5 bill.
That's even better than $5 off my next trip!  So far, this sweet deal has saved me $25.  And, I only buy what I would buy anyway.  That's just how I am.

So this trip, my savings were:
Preferred card: -$36.36
MFG coupons: -$30.82
Catalina used:  -$5.00
CASH Back (instead of Catalina): +$5.00

Tomorrow night, I'm attending Jill Cataldo's Super Couponing 1 class.  Maybe I'll get better. I hope so!  It's free throught the library.  Man, I love free stuff! 

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