Friday, February 10, 2012

Coffee Filter Troubles

You know when you get to the bottom of your stack of coffee filters, and they look like this:

Add you peel one off the stack and it's all flat like this:

So you shove it into the coffee maker basket and it looks like this:

And you know, you JUST KNOW that one of those sides is going to fall over and the grounds and the water are going to escape and clog up the basket and you'll have a grainy wet puddle all over your counter?  And you'll have to clean it all up before you can try again, and no one should have to tackle that job first thing in the morning without even one cup of coffee!

Here's how to keep that from happening:

Water.  Drizzle in a little water and press the wet filter onto the sides of the basket with your fingers.  You only need a tiny bit, less that a tablespoon. Tilt the basket and let the filter absorb the water.  The damp filter will cling to the sides of the basket and stay put.
Press the little button on the bottom of the basket and drain off all the extra water.
See?  Wet and clinging to the sides!  Now make some coffee.