Monday, June 28, 2010

Barbeque and Grocery Shopping

We had a barbeque last weekend and had a few couples over.  It was lots of fun!  But, if you're going to feed people, you have to shop.  I looked over the sales and decided to offer the following menu:

Cheese & Sausage on crackers
Pretzels with home canned Hot Pepper Mustard
Barbeque Glazed Chicken Cutlets on Deli Flats with swiss cheese, tomatoes and homegrown lettuce
Italian & Hungarian Sausages on buns (they were supposed to be with grilled onions, but I forgot them in the oven) *sigh*
Baked beans
Hawaiian Salad
Greek Pasta Salad
Lemon Bars
Sangria, beer, iced tea, water and pop

Here's the deals I got:
Jewel brand 16 lb. charcoal $5.99 Buy 2 save $5 Paid 6.98 for both
Rold Gold Pretzels sale price $2.99, preferred card $1 off, mfr coupon $1 off Paid $.99
Best Deal: I stacked a $3 off when-you-buy-all-three store coupon with a $2 off when-you-buy-all-three mfr. coupon on Honey Maid graham crackers (Sale price $4.75, Preferred Card $2.25 off) Kraft marshmallows (Sale price $1.70, Preferred Card $.70 off), and Hershey bars 6 pack (Sale price $4.89, Preferred Card $.90) Paid $2.49 for all three

The barbeque? It was a blast!  Everyone brought food, so there was way too much, but we all had some of everything.  Anna's foccacia is to die for.  She's Italian; need I say more?  Her apple tart disappeared very fast with good reason - it's lightly sweet, moist and yum! Karen H's bean and corn salad went so fast I barely got a spoonful.  Souri's (pronounced Suri) salad was amazing. I asked for her salad dressing recipe and unfortunately, she is a 'pinch of this and a dash of that' kind of cook, so I won't be able to duplicate it.  What can I say? I know some amazing cooks.  We never made the s'mores; I didn't even mention them.

The next day Walt and I went and worked out.  I put in a few extra reps everywhere.  I'm trying to give my body a fighting chance.  But the way I love food, it's not really a fair fight.

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  1. Anna is Italian? This must be a different Anna. I'd leave the foccacia recipe if you have it!


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