Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The bread I like runs $4.00 a loaf at the grocery store.  It's much cheaper to make my own.  I found this recipe  Angel Bread at last year and have been making my own bread ever since.  Since the recipe makes 2 loaves, and my husband and I only eat one loaf a week, I often form some of the dough into hamburger buns or dinner rolls. 

The recipe uses the dough cycle of the bread machine, but you can make it in a mixer with a dough hook or knead it by hand.  I find I get the best results with a couple of tricks:
  • warming the egg (still in the shell) in hot tap water while I measure out the dry ingredients
  • combining all dry ingredients with a whisk, including the yeast, before adding it to the wet ingredients in the bread machine

  • checking the dough consistency after the machine runs for 5 minutes (this needed a couple more tablespoons of flour).
In 90 minutes, I have perfect dough ready to be formed into loaves.

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