Thursday, October 20, 2011

World's Ugliest Necklace

I recently made the world's ugliest necklace and I did it on purpose.  It's all because of this little guy:
Asa is my grandson and he was making my daughter's life a bit uncomfortable.  He'd be nursing away and get distracted by something across the room.  Which can be painful as he turned his head to look.  At my daughter's request, I made a necklace for her to wear while nursing. 

I made it extra long without a clasp so she can toss over her head with one hand, while holding a screaming baby in the other arm.  It's designed to facinate a nursing baby so he doesn't turn away from mommy's chest.

I used as many different colors, shapes and textures as I could from my bead stash.  Which is considerable.  My husband once asked if I was trying to get on Hoarders.  Once.  He got The Look.  But I digress.

I strung the necklace, knotted it well and then strung a second strand through and knotted it well.  I was worried that Asa would somehow break a single strand and choke on a bead.  Which presented another worry - that thread is very durable and a baby is not going to break it.  So, it can't be left within reach of a baby or his toddler big sister (who thinks it is the prettiest necklace she has ever seen), due to the danger of strangulation.  So mom keeps it well out of reach.  She's a great mom. I'm very proud of her.

Now I'm thinking of another version.  Perhaps a bracelet-like beaded focal strung onto ribbon which can be untied to wash the ribbon or change out the focal.

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