Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Seeing Progress

My husband decided to do some room swapping.  Out came the measuring tape and the graph paper.  Measuring, scribbling.  Re-measuring.  More scribbling.  I found measurements scribbled on the most unusual surfaces - like the backs of incoming mail. 

Then the announcement:  The den and guest room will swap functions. 
Reasoning: The den is larger and the guest room barely fits a queen size bed and 2 night tables. (True)

Problem #1: The guest room is not big enough for both desks.
Solution: Walt's desk would go into the basement and it would become his 'man-cave'. 
Negotiation: Could my jewelry station go up and join my desk in the former guest room?  Agreed.  I will have a 'mom-space'.

Sounds simple, right?  Move furniture, plug in computers = good to go.  By the way, I was DELIGHTED to give him the dark, chilly basement in trade for a cheerful, sunny, warm room.  He recruited a friend to help him haul his mammoth solid oak rolltop desk to the basement.   I packed up my jewelry supplies. 

I have lots and lots of jewelry supplies.  Boxes and boxes and boxes of jewelry supplies; and that's not counting my storage units and architect's table. Some supplies are still in the basement in rolling 3 drawer carts. I'm not sure where those will go.

All the stuff below except the furniture was in these 3 big boxes

Almost done, still lots to sort and put away.

Problem 2:  The carpet in the former den was shot. 
We had chair pads to keep the carpet from being crushed by the rolling desk chairs. When we took up the chair pads, there was a "clean" area surrounded by dark, dirty looking carpet. Really - who puts oatmeal colored carpeting in a bedroom? The people who sold us the house, just weeks before they put it on the market. It's Menard's carpeting and pretty cheap stuff. Can't blame them. They were nice enough to give us the receipts for warranty purposes. Which expired.

Solution:  Laminate flooring.  Out came the measuring tape and graph paper.  I was assigned to research sales.
Negotiation: Can we put it in the entire upstairs? Please? No. Please, please? It'll be a pain to do it one room at a time.  Not enough in the budget. (Darn)

Guest room furniture stored in the former den.

So this IS progress.  Walt has a functioning man-cave, decorated in early Bears and Bulls. I have a mostly functional mom-space.  The laminate for the guest room has been purchased, and a miter saw has been borrowed.  They are currently living in my family room.

I'll post further photos are progress is made.   To Be Continued

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