Friday, May 6, 2011

Recovering a Footstool

This footstool had seen better days.  The vinyl ripped along the top seams.  I'd been meaning to try to recover it for quite some time, but never got around to buying the fabric.  Mainly because I've never learned to sew more than a straight stitch with a machine.  Well, that and the thought of finding an upholstery weight fabric that would look good with my chairs and rug.

Spring cleaning came around and I washed the twill curtains that were hanging on my slider doors.  I ironed them and hung them.  One panel was at least 3" shorter than the other.  I've washed them before and they hadn't shrunk.  Why now?  What a waste of fabric.  I went and bought new non-twill curtains (having learned my lesson about the vagaries of twill).  I started thinking about the footstool, and the ruined curtains, and how much sturdy fabric they contained.

So I did some internet research.  Do you know that there aren't ANY patterns for recovering a drum shaped footstool?  Apparently, you throw them out and buy new.  Not this girl scout.

I wondered, I pondered, I mulled it over and thought maybe I can cut a circle of fabric for the top, and stitch it to a length of fabric for the sides, and put some quilt padding in it to fill in where the buttons were...

So one day, I dragged out the sewing machine, the mending basket, the ruined curtains and my good scissors (that only I know where they're stored).  I took a deep breath and said to myself "Here goes".
I turned it upside down on the fabric.
Roughly cut around it.

Trimmed it closer into a circle.

Cut a length of fabric to wrap around the stool.
Pinned and stitched the two together.  Having the circle on the bottom and the long length on top made it easier to sew.

Gave it a trial fit; took it off and placed a few layers of quilt batting between the fabric and the footstool.

Replaced the cover, upended it again, and trimmed off the excess length.

Using my handy-dandy Black & Decker staple gun I tugged the fabric taut, folded the raw edge under and alternated stapling (12:00-6:00, 9:00-3:00, 1:00-7:00, etc.) to keep it evenly centered within the top circle.
Here it is.
Please comment, I need a pat on the back after that!

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  1. Looks awesome in the photos AND in real life! My heels have lounged on that well-padded drum-shaped footstool while I nursed my little Asa. Fantastic job, Mom. That old pink sewing case brings back a TON of memories. I miss you!


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