Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update on Flooring and Work Begins on Flood Damaged Basement

The upstairs flooring has been done for a few weeks now.  I had some delays in posting due to other crisies, including a broken camera, a flooded basement, the birth of our second grandchild (see previous post) and a parent's hospitalization (he's fine now).  At long last, here are photos of our beautifully done flooring.

Guest room during

Guest room after

Hallway during

Hallway after

Hallway after

Master bedroom before

Master bedroom during

Master bedroom during

Master bedroom after

Mom room after
The stairs are still carpeted as the flood damage in the basement required immediate attention.  We don't know what we'll replace it with or when but, soon I hope.

Here's the beginning of the basement renovation:
Everything is moved to one side and curtained off

I've always hated that paneling

Bead board goes up

My handy, handsome husband


  1. Nice work, Walt!! It looks fantastic!

  2. Nice Collection of Images how to install floors, This is looking lively.Michigan Hardwood Flooring

  3. Okay, time for the basement after photos! Love you both!


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