Saturday, March 26, 2011


These are my grandbabies, Madelyn and Asa.  Asa was born March 24th.  Maddie is two and already stepping up to her big sister role.  Their mom, Jen, said that Maddie is careful to make sure Asa always has his woobie nearby, because as his big sister, she knows how important they are. 

Maddie with her well-loved and permanently stained, but clean woobie.

I'm delighted to be a grandma again and can scarcely wait to travel out to visit.  I miss Maddie terribly and I'm so excited to meet Asa!  Here are some more photos:
My daughter, Jen, and Asa.
Proud daddy and wonderful husband Andrew.

All I can say is: God is good!  He is very, very good!

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