Sunday, October 17, 2010

$51.02 in groceries for $11.85

 I got all the above (plus more) for $11.85!! 
 2 Hunts pasta sauce
5 lb. Gold Medal flour
2 pudding cups
12 oz.Gulden's mustard
12 Green Giant boxed frozen veggies
2 Pillsbury pie crusts
2 Pillbury crescent rolls
48 oz. Wesson canola oil
1 cake mix
The photo is missing the 12 oz. bottle of Gulden's mustard and the 48 oz. bottle of Wesson canola oil, which got put away by mistake before I could take the photo.

Jewel has a great General Mills deal going this month.  Purchase $25 of participating items, get $10 catalina for next trip. That term participating items fills me with dread.   It's very frustrating when I don't get a catalina because I chose the wrong item.  Something very minor in the wording on the box can make you think it's included, but it's not. Clicking around Jill Cataldo's site, I found a link  to a UPC list and took a look.  Turns out, there is a lot more included in the deal than is shown in the ad.  My goodness, pages and pages of items were available for this deal! I did a little copy and paste, printed it out (double sided, of course) and took it shopping.  I was able to check each item's UPC against the list and know it would count towards my $25 purchase.

Tomorrow, I will take those $5.00 coupons and buy more and get more groceries.  I don't know when this deal will end, but I have an upright freezer and we eat veggies every night.  Free veggies - woohoo!

We also visited Walgreens:

3 body wash for $4.00 total

2 shave gel for $2.00 total

2 Frizz Ease leave in conditioner for $6.19 total (sale price $6.79 BOGO1/2)
 Today my friendly deal finding bloggers have told me about some great deals for this week:
$ .29 Campbell soup
$1.00 Nivea body wash (for women)
FREE Nivea body wash (for men)
$ .51 CoffeeMate

FREE Mentos gum
$0.25 Duncan Hines cake mix

My favorite blogger, Jill Cataldo, won't have her deals listed until tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, I'll check a few other spots.

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