Thursday, July 15, 2010

$10.11 at CVS - I'm getting better at this!

As my friends know, I don't buy stuff just because it's cheap, I have to be able to use it.  I have enough "stuff" cluttering up my little home without adding unneeded or useless items to it.  If something is free and I can donate it I'll go for it.  But for the most part, for everything I buy I ask myself "Why am I considering buying this?  Is it a good price?  Will I use it?  Where will I store it?"  If something is not my preferred brand, I have to be really honest and ask myself if I will TRUELY use it or is this something that will get pushed to the back of the cupboard?  I'm picky about some brands that I think are such superior products that I'm willing to pay full price, without coupons to have them. 

So here's the story of 4 items; two brands I won't budge on (my hair care) and two I could care less about (my husband's razors and batteries). Relax, he doesn't care what brand of razor he uses either.

Visiting couponmom, I see that CVS has
  • Bic razors for $5.01 a 4 pack and I have two $2 coupons
  • CVS batteries are BOGO, and we need AAA rechargeables
  • Frizz-Ease products are 2/$10, I have two $2.50 coupons and I'll get $5 in Extra Bucks
  • Head & Shoulders are 2/$10 and I'll get $2 in Extra Bucks

I started out with $17 in Extra Bucks from last week.

Transaction 1
2 H&S, used $10 in EB from last week.  Paid $.77 (tax) Got $2 EB.

Transaction 2
2 Frizz Ease used $5 EB from last week, $5 in coupons. Paid $.78 (tax).  Got $5 in EB.  I made money on this one!

Transaction 3
2 Bic Comfort3 Advanced razors 4 packs
2 CVS AAA rechargeable batteries 4 packs
used $4 in coupons, $2 in EB from last week and $7 in EB from first 2 transactions.
Total cost for all items: $10.11

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